Saturday, 30 August 2014

Writing - Story settings

People will advise a budding writer to create from where they're at as the instinct is good. Logical also! It was inevitable then that my Steele stories have their basis in two camps, Sunderland and Yorkshire, as I've spent most of my life in those two places. However, holidays can also spark inspiration because of their novelty.


The beach above is significant to me and there is a moment when Steele meets someone looking out to sea. Roker was the home of my favourite football team and only three miles from where I was brought up. During long summer breaks when school was out it was easy to get to the beach and languish in the sun.

Doxford House

The house above is about half a mile from where I was raised. It has extensive grounds and has had a variety of functions since it was a home. It occurs in more than one Steele novel.

The point is that I remember the atmosphere and in doing so it enables me to describe how the place feels or felt in the past and so transmit a sense of reality in a fictitious situation. So writing from where you're at has that benefit and what could be easier. The things is that you are writing from your feelings so if in doubt turn back the years and imagine what it was like to be in a certain place and time. Draw on the emotional memories as well as the physical and if you want to be more systematic a notebook of pictures with some notes for future use may be the crutch you need.

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