Thursday, 28 August 2014

Writing - Thinking outside other people's boxes.

I took a silly survey on Facebook yesterday about what your 'ideal job' could be and it got me to thinking. 

I was quite pleased about the outcome of the survey, which of course has no real basis in science, but nevertheless came up with my ideal job as 'writer' - thank goodness. As spurious as these sorts of surveys they can have a value in that they may encourage reflection. When we are constructing our characters in stories the process must involve a level of reflection as to the nature of our creations. I believe it to be necessary to provide depth and real quality to the created person in my books.

The art of writing involves in allowing your mind to take reality and, rather like plasticine or play doh, stretch and manipulate it into what the writer wants it to look like. The sub-heading beneath the name of the product says it all! The issue is that people who grew up with you, are related to you or consider that they 'know' you, if they don't share your creativity, seem to have an innate drive to make you conform. 

Stay strong when they say 'he/she is in a mood' or if you are commanded to 'pull yourself together'. The fact is that the majority of people without a huge creative spark cannot cope with the insecurity that being of that mind involves and want the divergent person to conform.

Look after yourself as people in this creative group are probably more prone to psychological problems such as depression. If you feel the urge to cut off an ear consult a doctor!

When you are creating your characters try and avoid creating a version of the 'norm' it will stifle your work. My guy, Patrick A Steele, is seemingly 'normal' but beneath a conventional exterior he is not the sort of guy you would cross. He has an interesting skillset and some alarming psychological obsessions so his 'normal' behaviour wouldn't be everyone's. To find out more buy the first of the stories 'I Have To Get it Right