Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Poetry Thursday 126 - Some humans use 10% of their brains

I went to see 'Lucy' starring Scarlett Johannson and Morgan Freeman. To cut a long story short it is centred round the fact that we human beings use 10% of the capacity of our brains and then what would happen if we became able to use the whole thing. An interesting idea and some concepts that stretch the imagination but it led to the poem below.


If we could use more of the power
of our brains increasingly by the hour,
would our lives be any easier,
or would existence be a little trickier?

Some would pay to use that much!
Their ‘off’ behaviours demonstrate such.
Knowing there is more use to be had
suggests they’re perhaps not doing too bad.

But then living on Earth are those
whose brain activity is set at doze,
and allowing them to engage with us
is risky if not dangerous.

We all go through our lives hoping
that our bustling brains are great at coping,
and if we strive to keep them busy
we may end up as bright as Lucy.
© David L Atkinson September 2014


Then I opened the bedroom curtains this morning and glanced out on a day of 'no weather'. That comment came from a young child carrying out weather observations for a classroom monitoring chart.

No Weather

I opened the curtains and looked at the sky
hoping for sun to gladden the eye.
Imagine the sight creating dismay
of an ocean of bland, unrelieved grey.

I opened the curtains and looked at the trees
searching each twig for sign of a breeze.
Imagine the sight of everything still
no movement discernible the promise of ill.

I opened the curtains and gazed at the ground
looking for signs of rain splashing down.
Imagine the sight of everything dry
no splashes to signal life from the sky.

I’ll open the curtains tomorrow again
and search for sun, wind and rain.
Imagine the sights that’ll make me smile
if the weather has changed its ‘no’ profile.
© David L Atkinson September 2014

God Bless