Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Poetry Thursday 129 - The Dustbin Men

I had to smile yesterday at the news item regarding bin collecting. 

Back in the fifties and sixties the men had to carry metal bins laden with all types of rubbish including ash from fires, and they did so as the man in the picture shows.

Yesterday a local authority area, Craven in Yorkshire, were telling customers that they were going to have to bring their bins to the kerbside or central collecting points. Health and safety considerations around repetitive strain injuries being the reason.
What is the world coming to?

So a sonnet.

The Dustbin Men of Craven

You selected the job so why complain
when finding the physical side so hard?
Hauling others' rubbish may cause some pain.
Health and safety officers on their guard.

In history’s eye much doughtier men
bent their backs beneath weightier baggage.
No wheels or lightweight receptacles then
but muscle tearing, distance toting ullage.

So stop your whingeing refuse collectors
man up and earn your simple retainer.
The work is hard and no job for balkers,
collect the mobile, half-filled container.

Authorities need to try and be real
with customers, making a fairer deal.

© David L Atkinson September 2014

God Bless