Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Writing - Establishment manipulations are not new

The conspiracy theorists, I consider myself as such but in a minor way, continually find evidence of manipulation and this has been going on since the time of Adam. It is almost human nature because those with power never willingly give it up and will adopt measures to maintain their position. If you don't believe me just listen to the arguments and promises that we will be assaulted with leading up to the forthcoming general election. 
One example is the case of actor Ricky Tomlinson who was jailed in the 1970s over strike action he took.

Ricky Tomlinson

In 1972 during a national builders strike Tomlinson and two others were accused of conspiracy to intimidate, unlawful assembly and affray. Tomlinson received a 2 year jail sentence. Forty years on Ricky still protests his innocence and insists that they were set up by the political establishment and now a play United We Stand tells the story on stage. It opens at the Lantern Theatre Liverpool before going on tour.
One simple fact that seems to point to the veracity of Tomlinson's claims was the presence of 80 policemen who travelled with the offending group and yet no arrests were made on the day. If you consider the crime of intimidation it is an immediate threatening situation that if you were a victim and police were present you'd hope they would step in immediately to protect you. On top of that intimidation attracted a maximum jail term of 3 months whereas conspiracy to intimidate had no jail term limit at that time.

It turns out that the police Special Branch had a file on Ricky labelling him as a thug with violent tendencies and when in prison there was another occurrence. His cottage in Wales was burgled but no windows were broken, the thieves entered via the door and took only papers and photographs.

I hope the play goes well and helps 75 year old Ricky achieve his aim of having his name cleared.

God Bless