Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Writing - Hand and headcrafted artefacts

I love the English language, delight in its use and rail at its misuse even though I do get it wrong at times! Today I was struck by the term hand-made as a result of my daughter's venture into selling her embroidered goods. Naturally, my thoughts turned to books. When all said and done they are not hand-made but rather head-made!


Writing is using human skills and ideas to produce something so why aren't books included in cottage industries and craft fairs? It's not a massive issue but gives me the opportunity to advertise my work as well as my daughter's. Don't forget to start reading the Steele novels from 'I Have To Get It Right


I'm going to do some advertising for my very able and artistic daughter Charlotte who has begun her own online shop with a group called Etsy, while she is on maternity leave. I know I may be a little biased but she has produced some great baby garments and toys some of which are featured below.

A bobble hat for a bear and a cuddly toy!
  • Heart on Her Sleeve Cow

Her web address for the full catalogue is below or click on her name above.

God Bless