Sunday, 7 September 2014

Writing - Happiness is egg-shaped

I remember the advertising slogan above many years produced I think by the British Egg Marketing Board in an effort to extol the virtues of eggs in your diet. That of course was scotched when Edwina Curry, then an MP and minister, announced that eggs were at risk of giving people salmonella!

However, happiness has raised its head this week in Europe with the UK being found to be the 11th happiest country in the area. On top of which our parish magazine Buzz is completely given over to Happiness this month.

The overall effect is the smile that touches your lips as soon as you see the cover. I defy you to be miserable. 
The contents were wide ranging and varied from classic literature in the form of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales namely the Pardoner's Tale, to jokes.

The Pardoner's Tale

 This tale was told to demonstrate that money can't buy happiness.
The tale is told by a clerical scoundrel who made money by selling pardons, bought in Rome, for sins. These holy relics, sold to the gullible, supposedly would 'heal illness in man and beast, ensure fidelity in spouses, good harvests' and I'm sure much more.
The tale
In short three young men are drinking in a tavern and being affronted by the plague which is killing many people decide in their drunken state to 'kill this false traitor, Death'. They set off to look for Death and are told that he is under a tree at a crossroads. When they get there they find a pile of gold which they claim as their own. As it is still daylight the men fear being accused of stealing so decide they must wait till darkness. They draw straws and the youngest of them is chosen to go into town for food and drink. While he's away the two left decide to kill the younger man and split the gold between two but as the youngster is going into town he decides to poison the wine to kill the other two and keep the gold for himself. 
To cut a long story short all three end up dead and Death has won again proving that money doesn't buy happiness.


Finally, as we are writers some vocabulary linked with happiness.

God Bless