Friday, 12 September 2014

Writing - Sinden, Paisley and Bobby Thompson

Two famous people passed in the last day or so both enigmatic characters with considerable influence on the lives of those they touched.

Donald Sinden 1923 - 2014

I remember him as a fruity voiced amusing comedy actor but he was so much more. He was a highly thought of Shakespearian actor and also an author. Sinden wrote two autobiographical volumes: A Touch of the Memoirs (1982) and Laughter in the Second Act (1985), edited the Everyman Book of Theatrical Anecdotes (1987), wrote a book to coincide with his BBC TV series The English Country Church (1988) and a collection of "epitaphs and final utterances" titled The Last Word (1994).

Ian Paisley 1926 - 2014

Ian Paisley has been a 'voice' in my head for as long as I can remember, literally! He was a powerful presence on TV during various episodes of the 'troubles' in Ireland, powerfully yelling his message of 'no surrender' to the Republicans. Even so he relented and ended up working with some of the people who he'd categorised as sworn enemies and became one of the architects for a peace that has lasted for a number of years.

Finally, a relatively unknown man, a stand up comedian, local to the north east of England and renowned for his unreliability. He was nicknamed 'The Little Waster'

Bobby Thompson 1911 - 1988

'Bobby Thompson is on at the Top Club this Saturday night,' I remember my Dad announcing one day.
I asked if we were going he laughed and said that we might be. I questioned his reaction and he said that Bobby only turned up for gigs if he was short of cash.
Even so he was very funny if you understood his dialect, which was probably a barrier to national success. He did make a number of LPs of his act and there are some extracts of him performing on YouTube one link which I have added below. If you have difficulty with the language I'm sorry but it is English - honest!

You may have to cut and paste the link into your browser.

God Bless