Thursday, 4 September 2014

Writing - Time and motion

Driving home from the pool this morning I had to pull up for a crossing patrol operative. The little lady held up her sign  and I pulled up to allow a family to cross the road. Then I noticed another lady in the compulsory high vis vest holding a tablet computer and it reminded of the 1960s' fetish for time and motion.

When the unions were flexing their muscles in that decade and later, the bosses response was to introduce the evil 'time and motion' men! The two language terms were 'working to rule' and 'efficiency' but things have changed to a degree. We're all under observation all of the time but it doesn't seem to lessen the resentment and stress that it causes. It seems to be an aspect of the human condition.

When we write and create characters we need to be aware of the way humans behave in a variety of situations and some of those reactions are actually generated by social behaviours and become a collective response. If your heroes/heroines are in a group then group dynamics come into play and I find that considering these human behaviours makes the job of creating interactions in text more interesting.

God Bless