Sunday, 14 September 2014

Writing - Truth, consequences and Steele will sort it!

I never thought I'd hear myself say this and it is from a snapshot of a longer speech, but I agree with David Cameron when he said today that IS, the group that have beheaded a 3rd hostage today, are not representative of Islam. 

David Haines beheaded 2014

Throughout history vehement groups with political  grievances attract the attention of violent criminals. It happened for hundreds of years with the IRA, it has happened with Christian groups and now it is happening with Islam. The bottom line is that these extremely violent people are criminals.
God Bless David Haines, peace and comfort to his family.

This week we also have the forthcoming vote on the future of the UK. Will the Scottish people vote to leave the Union? In my opinion they should. I don't believe that because I want the UK to break up but simply that the complacent, upper class people who have the power through commercial enterprise with no interest of the welfare of the populace, need a wake up call. It may seem drastic but it is the closest thing to a revolution that is ever likely to occur in reality. 
Perhaps Patrick Steele is one to put a spanner in the corporate works in the future. He has history in The 51st State when he tried to ensure the continuing sovereignty of the UK with some success. The book is the second in the Steele series and is available from Amazon and all major retailers. 

God Bless