Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Writing - Vive la Revolution!

As writers we have a duty to say things about what's happening in the world as we see it. This has always been the case going back thousands of years. More recently the likes of George Orwell have commented on social issues and more. We seem to have reached a number of discussion points in the world but specially this week the possible break up of the UK as a result of the referendum in Scotland this Thursday.

George Orwell

It is no coincidence that I reproduce the pyramid below as it comes as the result of a comment from a man working as a welder in an engineering works on the River Clyde. He said during an interview that he wanted to be ruled by Scottish people not by those from London. Trust me mate the folk in Yorkshire may be closer to London, geographically, but we don't like their rule either!

Of course it all goes back to Robert the Bruce and Mel Gibson! 'Braveheart'!!!

The film, which I enjoyed irrespective of the American/Scottish accent from Mr. Gibson, depicts the same sort of argument that is going on currently. The ordinary people want to be independent of the proxy rule they have now. The rich and well-healed in England and Scotland want a 'No' vote to maintain their status quo and to hell with the wishes of us serfs and peasants. In the movie Gibson is betrayed by the Scottish nobles for land and riches. Has anything changed in 400 years?

Looking at the feudal pyramid above the most relevant point is the 'You are here' right at the base.

Of course if you are a member of the landed gentry reading this I don't need to apologise because you don't care what I think anyway. Just go and see to the ducks on your lake, or carry on supervising the cleaning out of the moat but try and remember that the rest of us are people.

God Bless