Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Poetry Thursday 131 - Alan Henning RIP and children

The death of the kindly Alan Henning at the hands of ISL seems to have affected a great number of people and I couldn't help but join with the poem below which I hope expresses the futility of such actions.

Alan Henning

Alan Henning RIP

What happens when a good man dies?
When those who killed him live their lies?

How can people be so unaware
when they take the life of those who care?

Whatever label bad people show
their behaviours are what we come to know.

The rest of us loved to see the best.
One of them, Alan Henning, is at rest.
© David L Atkinson October 2014

I am aware of my limitations as a writer but as I've often theorised poetry is an outpouring of emotional side of your soul. In writing the above I didn't want to produce copious amounts of words, I did want to frame the evil that killed Alan Henning, and pay his memory respect.


The joy of children
Warms the cockles of the heart
And tears you apart.
© David L Atkinson October 2014


A reminder of the rules of Haiku writing.
1. First line  - 5 syllables
2. Second line - 7 syllables
3. Third line  - 5 syllables
4. A haiku should contain a word which is linked to the seasons (warm).
5. A haiku should contain a conflict of ideas as in the above where the love of your children can be heart rending.

I always find the last point the most testing to accommodate within the format.

God Bless