Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Poetry Thursday 132 - Obscurity and symbolism

Writing poetry is an undoubted pleasure for me; whether it is for my readers is a different matter, and an intensely personal matter also. 

When I write anything I concern myself too much about the opinions of others.

The offerings this week are an experiment in obscure thinking and symbolism some of which I may explain later.

First up is a peak into the realm of love. Personally speaking this has been a painful part of my life for a variety of reasons, so if the poem seems somewhat cynical .....

One on One

The need to be loved is catholic,
a position few truly attain.
Conditions of individuality wane
in striving for what is cosmic.

We are in our own consciousness
constructing an existence illusory,
believing in an ego imaginary,
in its unlikely perfectness.

Why do humans feel the need to dominate
when that is a categorising factor,
given to obfuscation and scatter,
more likely to bring about a demarcate?
© David L Atkinson October 2014

Okay, perhaps not the most cheerful offering so onward.

An activity which I indulge in almost daily is swimming, it brings 

me pleasure, a higher level of fitness and some social interactions.



Water addresses the dermis flowing over
and around every inch like moleskin,
discernible - only just – so neither hard
nor soft,
sometimes blood warm, occasionally chilled.

Pressure over every cell but not irresistibly so,
awareness of its presence,
but able to push it away so that you can
feel the flow.

Kindly, passively supporting your mass
even as it drifts over and beneath
your smooth, quiet progress.

Allows all groups of muscles to work antagonistically,
massaging the heart,
imposing no stress,
but caressing the whole body.

Till you reach the end feeling the man-made roughness of tile beneath dimpled fingers,
when you can turn,
begin again, 
breath unreliable air,
and gaze at the expanse of pleasure before you.
© David L Atkinson October 2014

I came to swimming in my late teens and rather like a born again Christian was quite obsessive in my younger years. As age and weight added to the destruction of self-esteem, being seen wearing only budgie smugglers turned my head away from what I loved doing.

Age is a funny phenomenon in that it alters the owners perception of what is important and so I recently bought myself swimming shorts and returned to the pool which makes me happy.

I've never been a great one for analyzing writing. I think I was put off by a literature lecturer (say that when you're drunk) who criticized my view of a piece of prose, which disagreed with her view. She increased my grade when I argued that both our views were equally valid as they were personally held. Still it left its mark.

When writing Swimming I was imagining the touch, power and temperature on my skin (dermis) and at the end I refer to unreliable air which is an oblique reference to the germ ridden firmament that surrounds our planet.

If you have questions or criticisms please contact me. If I'm not offended I may reply!

God Bless