Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Poetry Thursday 133 - Blogging and Mother Earth

Two offerings that have sprung from a topical subject this week.

To blog or not.

Writing a blog every day
seems more like the punishment.
Not doing so in some way
appears to be a detriment.

The act of daily scribing
is an effort to stay in practice.
You have to keep believing
repetition will polish the process.

Once the writing virus has bit
to stop induces cold turkey reaction.
There is no way of stopping it
so write daily - spread news of the infection.
© David L Atkinson October 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo hit Bermuda a few days ago and then tracked 3000 miles across the Atlantic, weakening all the time, and hit the UK on Monday 21st October. It sparked off speculation as to the weather we're due to receive over winter and I felt that the power of our planet was a suitable subject.

Earth’s Extremes

Lying awake listening to the whipping wind
slapping any objects that are loose,
creating its own musical thing
either chorus or symphonic opus.

Admiring the negligent power of the Earth
and at the same time fearing it.
Arrogant humans dazzled by self-worth
believe they can control it.

When their sea walls, dykes and barriers
battered under the power then wilt,
the self-important whinging worriers
blame everything else to assuage their guilt.

Mother Earth isn’t controlled by us
although sometimes she lets us think it,
until our pathetic hopeless efforts
do something stupid to annoy it.

Then her retribution is swift and terrible
a signal that we should remember it.
Natural catastrophes - she’s well capable,
is her weapon and has no fear of using it.
© David L Atkinson October 2014

God Bless