Monday, 13 October 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Sausage and bean casserole

A tried and tested favourite that is easy to produce and allows various accompaniments.

Now I can hear you moaning that this is something I've included on a previous occasion but please be patient. I am finding that with practice my combinations are improving. It is true that I've had the odd disaster, I made the strangest tasting potato casserole last week, but this was a winner for me.
I served it with crushed new potatoes, 

and also rice.

It worked with both alternatives and I reckon would also be okay with pasta.

The reason for my sinful pride about this dish is that there is an Italian style tomato sauce, or pasata, and a hint of chilli which went well with the beans.

The full recipe is on the TAB at the top of this page.

God Bless