Thursday, 23 October 2014

Writing - A first time for everything.

Periodically I take myself off for a few days just to get away from the usual routine.  This is one of those occasions. One thing I have never done is posted a blog using my tablet so I decided to try today.

I don't want to log a catalogue of problems so apart from the newness so far not too bad.
Considering holidays it is intriguing as to why we westerners feel the need to go away and recharge our batteries.  An interesting metaphor in itself as batteries are usual charged when we sleep or while we are working! 
Having taken around 5 hours including a break to drive down here I had time to think. It seems to be more about self and identity than recharging which suggests run down and tired. Its probably a bit of both. For someone like me it is more about escaping ones identity and position in the world.
When you set off alone, wherever you go, you are in a sublime situation. Unless as some do you go back to somewhere you've been before, you are an unknown. You can be as different as feels comfortable or consolidate your sense of self and who you are. I remember as a student in the 60s and 70s people talked about fi ding themselves, since the turn of the millenium the concept of the 'gap year' arose which amounts to the same thing. As a writer it can be so much more. 

When we research we can use Google Earth to actually 'see' places we've never actually visited, hell even terrorists use that facility! My feeling is that it is ok to do that but so much easier to gauge the atmosphere when you go in person. You also meet different people and there are subtle differences between regions.

BUT as writers it is also an opportunity to exercise the imagination and think oneself into different scenarios without the regular daily distractions. So if you get the opportunity to be on your own take it, there could be lots of side benefits that you don't expect.

God Bless