Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Poetry Thursday 137 - Where stories come from

In a week during which I hope to publish a second collection of poetry I continue to write.

Where stories come from

The beautiful thing begins like a seed
germinating in perfect conditions.
A writer’s imagination is freed
to pursue a tale as in compulsion.
The tendrils of growth spreading like young shoots
turning and writhing forever outwards,
clutching the air, drawing food from its roots,
nourishment to propel life onwards.
When the story is fully matured,
put out in the world for others to read,
the bounty is fruit both rich and poor
which goes to feed the next beckoning seed.

Writing brings joy with every story,
each one wrote and consigned to its glory.
© David L Atkinson November 2014

This in the style of a sonnet and will not appear in the new book - perhaps that means there will be another collection in a couple of years time.

Currently the title for the new work is God is in the Raindrops but that could change. Whatever there is a great variety of poetry covering a number of topics and delivered in different styles. A sample of the work below.

As one of the first acts at Christmas is to write cards.

The Question of Christmas Cards

Have you written yours yet?
How will you put them on display?
Who will it be that you forget?
Is £3 a box too much to pay?

How many came to you last year?
Who have you crossed off your list?
Is the season full of good cheer?
Have you sent back to all you kissed?

Buy them all from charities
then it doesn’t seem such a waste.
They sell plenty of varieties
which will suit everyone’s taste.


©David L Atkinson December 2012

God Bless