Monday, 17 November 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Impossible Pie - savoury version

To those men who have to think up excuses to go to the pub you could perhaps try saying that you're going to collect a new and innovative recipe.

Savoury Impossible Pie

Whether 'her indoors' would accept this reason for a sojourn to the local for a couple of pints of Timothy Taylor's beer or not is between the two of you but it is where I obtained this recipe. A good friend who follows my scribing suggested the idea and I took it on board fervently.

Impossible Pie was probably first created in the 1970's in the USA and stemmed from a company called Besquix which produced instant biscuit mix. You can have either a savoury or a sweet version but as I rarely make anything sweet I attempted the savoury variety. The above pie has bacon, leeks and cheese as its filling.

The full recipe is on the relevant TAB at the top of this page.

I served the pie with peas and roast potatoes as seen above but it could be presented in a variety of ways. If you are unsure of how to treat this pie I suggest you serve it in the same way you would a quiche. It can be eaten hot or cold and reheated in the microwave without any loss of shape or texture.

As much as I've enjoyed this (there are alternative fillings suggested in the recipe) impossible pie I won't be trying the sweet version because I don't tend to create sweet food as there is only me to eat it!

God Bless