Monday, 24 November 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Lasagne al forno

No new recipe this week just tinkering round the edges of an old favourite.

Lasagne al Forno

It was all over the news last week that we should eat Mediterranean as it is healthier for us so I decided to cook my favourite - Lasagne. At the same time I keep my eyes and ears open for variations that may improve a dish that I've previously produced. In this case the difference between bog standard meat sauce, cheese sauce and sheets of pasta was sliced black olives. I read an article on cooking that extolled the virtue of adding black olives to Italian dishes to attain a truly Italian flavour so I did. It tastes good but then I enjoy olives anyway so I was never going to be disappointed.

The dish isn't totally unhealthy. The cheese sauce was made with fully skimmed milk and I promise you it tasted every bit as good as that made with other less healthy options, it also thickened beautifully. (TIP: warm the milk before adding to your roux). Also the ground beef was lean steak mince. I fried the onion and garlic off in olive oil because it is good for you. Perhaps the red wine is on the bad list but the alcohol does boil off while the meat is simmering.

On the plate

This was straight from the oven and I find it tends to be rather floppy but if refrigerated and eaten on the second day it keeps its form better even after re-heating in the microwave.

And on a different note

This 'letter' was included with a Lego set in the 1970's and I thought that it was quite relevant for those folk who write.

A picture of a letter to parents from a box of Lego in the 1970s is going viral after being uploaded to Reddit.

God Bless