Monday, 10 November 2014

Tuesday Recipe - Slow roast leg of lamb with chardonnay, rosemary, sage and bay

A superbly simple and yet very tasty recipe. This came from TV chef Lorraine Pascale

Credit where credit is due. There is a video of the recipe on the BBC website but Lorraine described this recipe as 'fast prepared - slow cooked' and that is so true. As a relatively inept chef it takes me time to chop and carry out other basic tasks but even so 15 minutes after starting the casserole was in the oven and cooking.

Slow roast Lamb

The full recipe is on the appropriate TAB at the top of this page. Apart from being very easy to prepare it is unusual in that there isn't a stock involved just three-quarters of a bottle of Chardonnay and a couple of tablespoons of honey which gives the meat a sweet tang. I served this with roast potatoes, peas and a bay leaf garnish.


I was advised to check the 'Deluxe' section of the freezer in Lidl supermarket by a friend. The range of special foods was amazing, not cheap but ranged from moose to 3 bird roasts. 

Medallions of Kangaroo leg steak

As I had vegetables left over from the weekend I served the kangaroo steaks as with the lamb.
This was the first time that I'd eaten kangaroo and wasn't disappointed. It was quite coarse in texture and tasted slightly like liver but as I like offal that wasn't a problem for me.

Next week it could be veal, venison or perhaps a three fish roast.

God Bless