Thursday, 27 November 2014

Writing - A Christmas message for the political classes

RIP Philip Hughes

1988 - 2014

Philip Hughes died this morning as the result of  a blow to the head a couple of days ago. At just a few days before his 26th birthday he was hit behind the left ear just below his safety helmet - a real tragedy. My thoughts go out to his parents, his team mates and to the bowler who fired in that fateful delivery.

I couldn't let the moment go by without comment and as a former cricketer feel that I have a connection. I can't recall this ever happening before in the sport even before safety helmets were invented. There have been periods in the game when the ball has been bowled faster and the batsmen have worn a soft cap there was even a test series between England and Australia nicknamed the 'bodyline test' because the strategy employed to bowl out the prolific Australian batsmen Don Bradman was to bowl at his chest and throat. Still no one died.
God rest Philip Hughes soul.


Members of the political class

You couldn't make this up! Five years ago the private franchise that was running the east coast rail line in the UK had to cede control back to the government because they were in danger of folding. They were losing money hand over fist. The line was re-nationalised in part and came back into profit while being run by the government. Today they've given back to the private sector! 

Pardon my french but where is the bloody logic in that?

The coalition government agreed that immigration must be reduced to numbers in the tens of thousands. The government has lost seats to UKIP because of membership in the EU and the rate of immigration. The measures introduced to control the levels of immigration have failed dramatically in the last 12 months to June 260 000 have poured into this country. We are bursting at the seams.

In recent months the people of this country have railed against the government citing the above points and the fact that the MPs are living in an unreal world totally divorced from the general population. All parties are equally guilty and so a message from Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge

'I will live in the past, present and future. I will not shut out the lessons they teach.'

Governments around the world have experienced anger displayed by their populace when they perceive that their rulers are taking more for themselves to the detriment of the ordinary folk. 

Civil unrest and revolution.

Peasant's Revolt 1381 (Wat Tyler's rebellion)

English Civil War 1642

American Civil War 1776

French Civil War 1789

Russian Revolution 1917

These examples are a tiny fraction of the national disturbances that have taken place in almost every country of the world at some time or another. One thing they all seem to have in common is the simple fact that the governments of the day have become greedy at the expense of the populace.
I don't particularly count myself a fan of Russell Brand but he has used the 'R' word recently. 
In Ferguson, Alabama there has been rioting which has spread in pockets round the country over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

The ordinary people of the UK will testify that the MPs in this country have no idea what ordinary life is like for the majority. I actually overheard two elderly gentlemen saying that very thing this morning. The worrying thing is that it is apathy that has allowed the government to become so self-absorbed and self-serving, but it only takes a single spark to ignite a flame.

God Bless