Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Writing - Different media same base

Today has been very interesting from a number of viewpoints which have social and literary connections, no matter how loose.


I know being retired I'm somewhat more time rich than many and I'm happy about that, money isn't everything. Time is giving me the opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in my education and that found me reading some of the poetry of the Greek dramatists last evening. Working on the principle that as a writing poet I need to deepen my knowledge I looked up some of Sophocles poetry along with one or two others. It was an initial view and I liked what I read so will revisit and perhaps produce a more detailed review at a later date.

Imitation Game - a paper written by Turing

The film Imitation Game describes the life of the late Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and the work he was involved in before during and after  World War II. Apart from excellent performances from the cast, there is also an after echo of the level of inhumanity that governments can sink to in an effort to achieve their aims. It is a very good film and I would recommend it to all. An afterthought - if you type on a computer you probably have Alan Turing to thank for the facility. Turing's universal machine was an early form of computer.

While at the cinema the film The Theory of Everything was previewed and is a dramatisation of the life of the brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking. Looks like a good watch.

The two films have similarities in that they are both about brilliant men and the privations through which they had to battle to achieve the success of which they were capable. Sadly, for Alan Turing he never received the accolades he deserved during his life time.

Back to the poetry. As well as the upcoming launch of Earth plc I will also be producing a second collection of poetry before Christmas on Amazon's Createspace facility. It will be less of an educational read but more about my using different styles as a vehicle for a number of subjects. It is currently entitled God is in the Raindrops.

God Bless