Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Writing - Ideas, imagination and an approaching launch

As the night changes to day and the time for dreams arrives, imagination can provide some excellent diversions.

I've often said that as I go to sleep and again when waking my imagination seems to be at its most active. Over the last five years it has provided me with 8 novels and a collection of poetry as well as hundreds more poems as yet to be collected together. I have started an eighth Steele novel and have an idea for a children's book. I'm fortunate that is the case and long may it continue.

So I've had an idea in mind regarding the book cover for Earth plc and have eventually brought it together. It still needs some work but I'll share the prototype with you as the book launch is imminent.

Earth plc

I say that the launch is imminent as a sop to my occasional optimism. I have edited seventeen of twenty-five chapters so that should be finished by the end of this week and then the process moves on to uploading to the completelynovel.com website and ordering of a couple of printed draft copies which go to my two editors who then return them annotated. After that I have to make the corrections submit the final manuscript and order printed copies. Then I will upload to Smashwords and Amazon and hopefully the launch will be before Christmas.

Remembrance Day

Patriotic young men lied about their age
to protect their country - war to wage
Wearing woollen uniforms sizes too big
carrying weaponry in a webbing rig.

888246 people were killed and for each one of them consider the people left behind and the soldiers injured who returned home unable to live a normal life.
The above is the beginning of a poem I'm writing for this Thursday.

God Bless