Friday, 14 November 2014

Writing - Meltdown

When you finish writing a story and have done what you can to edit the finished product there comes a point when you have to let it go out into the ether. Its a little like the little ones leaving the family nest to go out into the world. (I find that spending time NOT writing a novel causes my brain to go into meltdown!)

I was slightly alarmed by an advertisement for a car which was on Classic FM yesterday. It began along the lines of 'when a script for an advertisement is submitted it is re-worked, changed and becomes barely recognisable' when finally broadcast. It reminded me of the angst displayed by Emma Thompson, playing P L Travers in Saving Mr Banks, over signing over the rights to Mary Poppins to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). The point is you have created something unique and intensely personal, which comes across very well in the film, and any changes hurt!

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson

It would be great to achieve some recognition but at what cost? The process of having a book published in the traditional manner would possibly be too harrowing!

So Earth plc is on its way and the hope is that it will be available across all platforms before Christmas. Below are a couple of recent comments from a reader.

From a reader with a Kobo,

'I have enjoyed having the Steele stories on the Kobo so that I could read them one after another and didn't have to wait to see where the cliffhanger ending of one story took us in the next.'

and on Cessation,

'It is different from the Steele books in that it makes you think more'

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