Friday, 21 November 2014

Writing - A surprise book launch

This is a surprise book launch because it all came together rather quicker than I expected thanks to Createspace.

The collection is available in paperback from the following link

and also for Kindle on

And the introduction,

This second collection of poetry is different from ‘The Musings of a Confused Mind’ in that it is NOT intended as a semi-educational experience in which I explore a range of styles with examples and rules. This collection apart from some recent insertions, if read chronologically, could almost be biographical in that I write poetry weekly and the enclosed works are from the last three years. However, it would be a reactionary and emotionally driven autobiography as that is how I see poetry working for me. Then there are poems occasionally interrupting the flow with my reaction to significant dates, birthdays, anniversaries and nationally important days.
When I write poetry I choose a style that feels appropriate to the subject and mood I’m feeling at the time. It is my wish, as always, that when this is read it delivers something to the reader and provides a level of entertainment. Also if you need an outlet for tensions of your own then try writing.

At the same time my latest Steele novel, Earth plc, is also nearing its launch. The draft copies have gone to the proof readers and so the book should be available in a couple of weeks time.

God Bless