Monday, 29 December 2014

Food idea - leftovers fried rice

I must confess that this year I've been less well organised with regards to buying food for the holiday period than in previous years. However, I did find some interesting ingredients with which to make a meal today.

Battered haddock and egg fried rice

As I didn't buy a turkey or a joint of meat with accompaniments there were no leftovers. If you add man 'flu' then the desire to go shopping wasn't there so I needed to search to put a meal on the table today. 
There were a couple of battered haddock steaks, some prawns an egg, rice and a tin of corn and peas. The egg fried rice is a great stand by and accompanies most things and it is easy.

Egg fried rice

Measure out and boil the rice according to packet instructions. Make sure the starch is washed off thoroughly. This stops the rice from being sticky. Once cooked drain carefully as water will make the next stage interesting. Heat some oil in a frying pan and add the rice, break an egg into the plan and stir the rice in vigorously then add whatever you like that will complete the dish. Some people would prefer vegetables, some might want to add protein but whatever remember if reheating food that it is piping hot. 
I would advise not to reheat rice in any circumstances.

I have planned something for the rest of the week and it is something akin to Lancashire hotpot and that perennial favourite in the north east - Panacaldy. The main difference is instead of lamb there will be corned beef, bacon and black pudding. Again this is the sort of dish that allows a level of experimentation.

God Bless