Monday, 22 December 2014

Food matters - Breakfasts

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It was my intention to take it easy from a blogging point of view over the Christmas period but nobody turns off ideas and issues that arise on a daily basis. I had obliterated food from my mind. or so I believed but then my BBC History magazine came through the door.

Full English Breakfast

This may seem totally pig-like but I could tackle a full English breakfast everyday if someone else cooked it and cleared up for me! Any offers? However, in an effort to demonstrate health awareness, I usually have a bowl of gruel (porridge) with a teaspoon of honey.


Even in the summer I tend to have this for breakfast. As a child Mum fed me porridge in winter and cornflakes in summer, but the History magazine made me think twice about ever having cornflakes again.


Cornflakes arrived in the 1890's as a treatment for patients with mental illness that masturbated too much. Dr John Harvey Kellogg believed the lack of sugar and spice would reduce a person's sex drive. It was his brother Will, who sprinkled the sugar back on top and made a fortune out of the Kellogg brand.
Of course, every bowl of cereal requires a splash of milk, but this was only possible after the Neolithic farming revolution saw humans domesticate animals. Indeed the mutated gene that allows most of us to drink cow's milk without suffering painful flatulence is only 6000 years old, and the majority of the Earth's population don't have it.

Makes you think twice before grabbing the cornflakes from the supermarket shelf.

God Bless