Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Poetry Thursday 141 - Magic moments

Life for all of us is a collection of incidents, actions and relationships over which we have some control some of the time. Today's poetry is inspired by one such 'moment' and the general nature of those 'moments'.

A view over the fence

When I were young I went wi’ me dad
to the match every other Saturday.
We went on our bikes at half past midday
and peddled into the toon like mad.

“It isn’t cos’ we’re hard up lad,”
he said to me on many occasions,
“we just need not suffer more privations.”
I was proud to be in the plan wi’ me dad.

On arrival we puffed and panted like mad
pleased that we’d found a great place,
parked bikes against the fence now we’d won that race.
He pulled out sarnies Mum had put in t'pockets, did dad.

As a youngster the next two hours were bad.
I were easily bored an’ t’weather were glum,
and me legs were stiff and toes were numb
but nothing seemed to get to me dad.

At 3 o’clock he climbed on his bike did dad,
he held out his hand and hauled me up on mine
and ensured the view over the fence was fine.
He admonished me to stand still ‘there’s a good lad.’

The match kicked off and I was glad
cos’ time would no longer crawl.
We cheered our team to win the ball,
me, the other fellas and me dad.

The result didn’t matter - tho’ losing were bad.
This were a rite of passage joining men
and to take part in this ritual again and again.
To be honest I’d have gone anywhere as long as it were wi’ me dad.
© David L Atkinson December 2014

And the general view of life's events that shape our views about human existence.

Life’s Moments

A collection of moments only partially owned.
Some are childish, poignant and transient;
some are scarring, jagged and life changing.
All moments are inescapable but there is some control.

You need to recognise moments so
that when they happen you are ready.
They can’t always be stopped
can be changed to something better,
not that they’re all bad.

Some moments are better than we could possibly
dream of and brook no change,
but some can’t resist the urge to tinker.

Life’s skill is knowing which to touch,
and which to allow run their course,
accepting the consequences with gratitude.
© David L Atkinson December 2014

God Bless