Monday, 8 December 2014

Tuesday Meal Idea - Pork chop and roasted veg

I was just thinking that it was time for a change. After all there are only so many kinds of lasagne you can produce. Living alone can bring difficulties in meal preparation and shopping and I thought it might be an idea to share some of the ways I find round the problem. In some ways it can be much simpler if you don't mind the same thing everyday - stew, cassolet or casserole can be thrown in the pan and served up daily; leftovers can be curried and so on. However, we all know how that can end up tasting after five or six days.
Then, if your like me, you can become bored but then food is just a fuel isn't it? Supermarkets sell things in packs, and two or three can be ok but four or more?

Here goes,

Pork chop with roasted veg

For the above I broke my own 'rule' of buying a multi-pack and bought 4 chops as they cost less than £1 each. So it was then a need to stretch the imagination for how to make this interesting. Coincidentally, I was stricken with loss of voice and a cold so didn't feel like standing around cooking so out came the roasting tins. Since I discovered roast veg I have not gone back to boiling or steaming very often as there is just so much more flavour and it also fits in with what the health police want as I only use olive oil to cook them, along with some seasoning.

So Saturday and Sunday was as the above photograph but then the chops were accompanied with special egg fried rice. The chops I actually oven baked with a little seasoning on a bed of apple slices. The juices left after the roasting made a sweet dressing. With something like chops there are a range of dressings such as teriyaki with which you can marinade the meat before roasting or grilling.

The end result was four interesting and relatively cheap meals. Got some interesting variations?
Please share.

God Bless