Friday, 12 December 2014

Writing - Earth plc launching

When I call this blog 'launching' that is exactly what I mean. The book is launched in some places but not everywhere so it is in the present tense, it is launching not launched. I need to stop rambling and get on with it!

I suppose that I could have waited until it was available everywhere but I wanted people to have the book asap. So I've no patience! (! = laughing at myself).

Here is the news:-


As an introductory offer this weekend the book is going to be priced at $0.00 THAT'S RIGHT FREE!! just join Smashwords and follow this link,


The book is available for Kindle or the Kindle App for smartphones and tablets. For those who are unaware of the facilities available on those modern devices the app is free to download and only takes seconds. Then all you need is an Amazon account which really just means that you have previously bought something through Amazon. the current price for the book on this medium is £2.64 or around $3.50. Follow the link below

Completely Novel

I've kept faith with this company for almost five years. They produce my paperback copies and delivery is really quick. All you need to do is click on the link

The paperback is priced at £3.99 + p&p
In fact all of my novels are available in paperback from that website under David L Atkinson.

God Bless