Thursday, 4 December 2014

Writing - A New Arrival!

I completed this book almost a fortnight ago but because it comes from the USA it took until yesterday for a copy to arrive on my doorstep.

It looks great and is very well produced. This is available via Createspace and on Kindle through Amazon. It also brings are bright look to my portfolio.

Portfolio Dec 4th 2014

When I started this writing journey I never thought that it would take hold of me as it has. There are 9 books above and the 10th should be available before Christmas and that is in a little over five years. So those who are considering writing BEWARE!!

Having said that it is very enjoyable or at least I find it so. I've heard all sorts of views of what writing is like.  
Colm Toibin the Irish author and intellectual is taking part in a TV programme and I saw a snippet of an interview he gave on the subject of writing. I was slightly disappointed in that he described writing as not being easy and having to 'dredge up the ideas from the depths' and my disappointment is by no stretch of the imagination a criticism. In a sense it makes me feel more insecure about the quality of the work I'm producing. I'm not saying that I find all ideas easy to come by but rather that the ideas, so far, have flowed from the characters which I've created and in which I've invested time. By believing in those you create you give them the energy to take hold of your stories and run with them.

The inspiration for the stories and poetry comes from the world surrounding us all we just need to open our eyes and look carefully; perhaps to produce the necessary spark you need to take what you see and place it in a different context or even put together two things which at first may seem to have nothing but incongruity going for them. Whatever strategy suits you don't rely upon it too doggedly, dive into the pool of ideas, shuffle them around and try a new way of combining ideas. Change can produce the spark you were looking for.


Cessation is NOT a Steele novel. I was in the midst of writing a Steele story when the stimulus for the book came to me and I needed to get on with it as soon as the project I was involved with was completed. To date it is the longest book that I've written. To whet your appetite there is the blurb below.

The story is a speculative journey into a possible future that may lie ahead of us all. There is evidence that such a future may not be impossible. We have been warned that unless we increase the ability to produce electricity there could be power cuts in the next ten years. Our modern day lives are permeated through with the need for electricity and its production.
Although Cessation could be categorised as a dystopian story I find that rather a negative word and the purpose of writing the tale is to allow elements of hope in a seemingly desperate situation.

The story begins in 2023 a couple of years after the lights go out for the last time. Our group of survivors are thrown together on a farm in the low Pennines north of the M62 motorway and within striking distance of a number of northern towns which could prove useful for supplies.  

The book is available through Amazon, and all major booksellers.

God Bless