Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Writing - Views of the year just going

There are some very talented people out there and I have found a collection of drawings done that reflect certain aspects of 2014

Syria's refugees by Brice Hall

Brice Hall has chosen to focus on the millions of people displaced by the conflict in Syria, of whom "the vast number drift to refugee camps offering the slimmest of futures," he says.

Protest by Jamillah Knowles

Many campaigns throughout 2014 have sought to use social media to make their voices known. "This year so many people have been out protesting for justice, and each protest now seems to come with a hashtag," says Jamillah Knowles. 

Kim Kardashian on top of the world by Maryam Alsalah

Maryam Alsalah took this infamous image of Kim Kardashian and, with her version, drew the nude reality star sitting on top of a troubled world, adding: "she's not the biggest issue we should think about."

London and Somerset signs amidst floods

"As we head into winter again I was reminded of the terrible floods that were experienced by those that live on the Somerset Levels in England," says Jan Woodhouse. She adds: "There seemed to be a very slow response to their plight and no recent updates as to how they are now."

and finally

Glenn Fitzpatrick's image shows women discussing fertility

For Glenn Fitzpatrick, it was the offer by tech giants Facebook and Apple to freeze the eggs of female employees, which inspired this picture. He says: "As the gap between rich and poor gets bigger it is as if the super power companies are now looking into the genetics of what makes a successful candidate." He wonders if this is the beginning of a "Brave New World" or if it suggests the gap between rich and poor will get wider.

These pieces of art are just a few sent in to the BBC News Magazine

God Bless