Sunday, 4 January 2015

Epiphany is not over but Christmas is.

Epiphany - an experience of sudden and striking realisation.

Epiphany is also a Christian festival held on the 6th January representing the presentation of baby Jesus to the Gentiles in the form of the Magi - 12th night.

Traditionally twelfth night is the day that Christmas decorations should be taken down. They've gone in my house today the 4th January. It is surprising how bare everything looks but that is down to me.

The concept of an epiphany (with a small 'e') is something we can all experience in a variety of situations. This reflects back when I wrote about choices and change. When you decide to write the first piece that you produce, whether it is a page of your first novel or something shorter that stands alone. The epiphany involved in writing is the realisation that once you start you have been drawn into a world from which you may never escape. Don't fight it folks!

Freedom of Information Act

This act came into force on 1st January 2005 and the epiphanies that have been realised as a result of this legislation have been significant. Here are some of the benefits to us ordinary folk.

MPs expenses - scandal fed by information that had to be divulged.
Immigration - doubts about the 'flood' of people into the UK were disputed.
Unanswered 101 calls
A & E ambulance delays
Restaurant hygiene
Policing 'old firm' matches - 2 million pounds to police these games.

There are other topics as well and I don't agree with Tony Blair who described himself as a nincompoop for introducing the bill.

What realisations will flash into your life this year.

God Bless