Monday, 19 January 2015

One Pot Cooking - Brisket in brown ale

Continuing the recipes from Clarissa Dickson-Wright's book I tried this brisket in brown ale recipe.

Once again a very tasty dish that would go well with a number of different meats. Any dish where you begin by sautéing the vegetables, add the meat, then cook the whole dish for a long period of time would work. As always I avoided the celery sticks as it is an incarnation of beelzebub but had to face another demon in using Newcastle (it took me ten minutes to type the name of the place) Brown Ale. I couldn't find an alternative proper brown ale sadly. Only Mackems will fully appreciate the pain that caused.

Instead of the celery I used parsnips because I like them, but in fact you can use any combination of veg that you'll like. 

The recipe is on that TAB at the top of this page

God Bless