Monday, 12 January 2015

One Pot Recipe - Galician Fish Pie

Another recipe from Clarissa Dickson-Wright's book One Pot Cooking

Galician Fish Pie

This meal cost me more than expected because I didn't own a pestle and mortar. Of course I didn't have to buy one but decided that the one example available in the supermarket was irresistible. I have no good reasons for saying that other than it is made from granite and probably the heaviest piece of kitchen equipment that I own. It just feels significant.

The reason for buying it was to facilitate the crushing of 24 blanched almonds to a paste which is then cooked with tomatoes, onions and so on.

Galician Fish Pie served with peas

The cod that I used for the fish layers was also quite expensive £5 but it served three meals. In my opinion it was well worth it as the flavours were delightful. The recipe would work with almost any firm white fish.

The recipe is available on the TAB at the top of this page.

God Bless