Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Poetry Thursday 142 - Another beginning

An alternative way of regarding the New Year which came to me as I was falling asleep the other evening.

Another beginning

It all starts again
but the celebrations are now over.
Like pushing a toy yacht from the shore
now it’s up to you to take over
and drive onwards to the future.
The waters are an uncharted plain
and you are the wild rover.

You believe you have the helm,
that you decide the direction
but the winds blow and currents tug
and you struggle to hold the perception
of where you think you’re headed.
Suddenly fear shakes your realm
and you have to manage that interjection.

When you can see the other shore
this leg of the journey is almost done,
celebrate once again, arrange the party stuff,
have a single night of fun.
Drink until you've had enough,
for tomorrow it all begins again.
 You must go for years more
until at last your life is gone.
© David L Atkinson January 2015