Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Poetry Thursday 143 - Rupert and Winter arrived.

Today's poetry blog is about arrivals, two in fact, my grandson Rupert and winter.

It would have been highly unlikely of me not to signal the arrival of my first blood related grandson. The difficulty with such a salutation is quality. You want to do the best for your family and so although this sonnet is 'complete' I may re-visit and make changes.


A child is born into a family
a loving cradle of safety and worth.
The basis for a life, long and happy,
great celebrations for a baby’s birth.
He will learn and grow at a rapid pace,
parents astounded by learning hunger.
The newest member of the human race,
what will Rupert’s future bring I wonder?
How will he see his own place in the world?
What great skills will be developed in him?
 Pleasure will be with successes unfurled,
and happiness generated within.

God bless his safe arrival among us.
For Rupert let joy and love be boundless.
© David L Atkinson January 2015

This next poem, in rhyming couplets, follows yesterdays blog on the pathetic attitude of the media towards the onset of winter.


So it is Winter

The air is clear and cold,
Earth is crusted with frost,
the senses are sparking ten-fold
and summer’s comfort is lost.

No more long days of sun,
but brief snaps amid endless night.
Put away warmth and water fun
and don thick clothes against winter’s bite.

Bright crisp mornings and bell clear air,
put a spring in the step of the users.
Naked trees’ fingers stretched out in prayer
wishing for when the season alters.

Nature desires the change of temper,
renewal of life requires the icy spark.
Frigid winter has the answer
the waiting world’s great patriarch.

So stop bemoaning cold’s privations,
to others it is blessed relief,
enjoy chilled earth’s ministrations
wallow in the season’s ephemeral mischief.
© David L Atkinson January 2015

God Bless