Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Poetry Thursday 144 - An Invisible man, the Barista and a moan

I've written a number of times of the nature of why poetry is written and I'm not going through that again. The offerings today reflect my innermost thoughts as well as the impression created in one of the most commonly used types of retail outlets across the world.

An Invisible Man

In the world but not!
Appreciated but unclear for what.

Achievements over a life time, second rate.
Never one to push on another’s plate.

Still a person nonetheless.
Not everyone respects humanities mess.

Intentions always were meant well
but that proverbial road leads to hell.

Understanding of one’s world’s place
escapes comprehension in this case.

How can one generate such disregard
from a life where one tried so hard?
© David L Atkinson January 2015


As brown as the coffee,
in brown uniforms.
Forced politeness in a brown mood.
Browned off at being in work.
Clever art in the creamy top with
brown chocolate.
A caffeine stimulated experience in a
brown world.
© David L Atkinson January 2015

I can imagine some who read this would consider sending in the men in white coats with the jacket that fastens down the back.

But consider living alone and having issues, poetry is a great outlet even if no one reads it.

And a topical moan about TV advertising, physical attributes of women and the appliances available to alleviate problems.

Is there nothing sacred?

When I was young there was something mystical
about girls and their machinations physical.
Today we are told of every aspect
which to me detracts from keeping respect.
The girl failed to progress to the next round
because menstruation came around.
Did we need to know a fact that’s private
justifying failure with the monthly habit.

We see dazzling adverts on TV nightly
for equipment to maintain personal dignity.
There are wriggle proof sanitary towels
that protect pjs from accidental fouls.
You can cavort, run or dance even madder
now there are things to cope with a sensitive bladder.
Would it be so terrible for the rest of us
if bodily functions were treated with less fuss.

It could never change my own regard
for ladies who in mind are starred.
© David L Atkinson January 2015

God Bless