Monday, 5 January 2015

Tuesday Recipe - Lentils and merguez sausage

We start the recipe blog up for 2015. It may be the last but its certainly the first.

Merguez sausage with lentils

One of my children bought me new recipe book for Christmas. It was written by Clarissa Dickson-Wright one of the 'Two Fat Ladies' 

It is a book committed to one pot cooking and today's recipe is the first from my new book.

Nothing is ever simple however, and finding merguez sausages in Mirfield and its environs was impossible. I Googled Merguez and all I could discover is that these sausages are made from beef or mutton. I'm sure that is not the whole story and if anyone can give more clues as to the exact nature of this type of sausage I really would appreciate the information. However, I did find some beef sausage and added garlic to the pot.

The meal is served with mashed potato made from baked potatoes and the resulting left over skins were sprinkled with cheese and baked for ten minutes and accompany the dish.

The full recipe is on the appropriate TAB at the top of this page.

I also received a magic sakura as a reminder of Japan from another of my kids. (see below)

 It begins life as a dry piece of card but then ends up resembling one of the many beautiful cherry trees covered in blossom (sakura). See below.

A bit of Japan in Mirfield

It reminded me of something we chemistry students used to do when we were around 13 - 14 years old. I suppose it seems rather geeky now but we enjoyed making crystal gardens.

A crystal garden

We used a goldfish bowl, something called water glass, which is an egg preservative of sodium silicate solution, and various chemical crystals, the brighter coloured the better. I remember it working very well. What I don't remember doing was wearing goggles and gloves as they have to do these days.

God Bless