Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Writing - So its winter!

You have to laugh really. Here we are in January and the media are broadcasting weather forecasts and the presenters are complaining its cold, or wet or there's the possibility of snow. Come on people its Winter.

So what comes along with winter? Well the major factors are the shorter days and the increased distance from the sun. Some people suffer from S.A.D. which I consider a load of b.....ks. The truth of the matter is that some folk don't like winter and because they haven't the mental wherewithal to accept the seasons and all that means they are awarded a syndrome.

So let's look at what is good about winter.

Well there is Christmas and all the brightness that holds. Enough said.

Then there is the beauty. Okay the days are shorter and scenes like the one above don't last as long but shouldn't we anticipate them and enjoy scenic beauty. If you want a project to put some joy into winter take photographs. Make a winter album.

There is drama. I know its another photograph but you don't have to take the camera everywhere, but it is good to experience the power of nature. I believe that seeing and observing the power of the weather helps us humans, with an over-inflated impression of our place on earth, become more realistic as to our place on this planet.

There is sensation. I know many people, me included at times, who whine about feeling cold, but it is a sensation experienced and tells us we're alive. The feeling of battering your way against the wind or watching a particularly intense period of rain, which you can do from your home, is an assault on your senses that can't be ignored. It also needs to be remembered that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if you arrive home from being in extremes of weather there is pleasure to be had from pampering yourself on your return.

There is entertainment. When it is warm and sunny we may feel brighter and more relaxed, however if we have things that amuse but are indoors, we can feel guilty partaking and not enjoying the sun. Our entertainments are what help us remain happy and we shouldn't feel guilty when enjoying them. Winter enables us to do so when we are engaging in indoor activities with sound of the weather battering our dwellings while we're warm and cosy inside.

I could go on and refer to sounds, optimism, more sleep, but the fact is, as I said at the start, we live in a country that has seasons. I say thank goodness for that because if it was continually warm and sunny some folk would find something to moan about. 

I suppose the message is enjoy each day for what it brings and be thankful that you're alive to enjoy it. 

God Bless