Saturday, 28 February 2015

10 snippets from last week's news

There's all sorts of stuff I could spend time expounding on this week, ranging from the murder of an anti-establishment Russian to the silliness of politicians, but here are a few less frustrating pieces from the news.

Image result for kurt vonnegut

1. About half of all novels accord to Kurt Vonnegut's "Man in Hole" narrative theory - man gets into trouble, man gets out of it.

Interesting that Vonnegut was yet another writer who saw the flaws in society and did his best to expose them.


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2. Artificial intelligence can teach a machine how to win Atari video games.

That seems like a really useful idea!!!!


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3. Squid can fly - but they tend to do it under cover of darkness.

Just like me and modesty prevents me from demonstrating.


Image result for lollipop men who high five

4. Lollipop men who "high five" pedestrians may be breaching official protocol.

And I wonder which anally retentive council official wrote that protocol!!!!


Image result for Twix and Kit kat westminster

5. Kit Kat and Twix account for almost a third of all chocolate bars sold in the UK's Houses of Parliament.

I'm sorry - I just couldn't resist this photograph that epitomises so many MPs!


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6. Google for a time thought that Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, who is still writing books, died in 1980.


Image result for black & blue dress seems gold and white

7. A dress can look blue and black or white and gold to different people.

It was all black and blue for me.


Image result for largest collection of pinball machines

8. Europe's largest collection of pinball machines is in a basement in Budapest.


Image result for old wheat

9. Wheat turned up on British shores 2,000 years earlier than previously thought.

I really hope some university isn't paying for this kind of pointless research.

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10. UK-based fast food chain Chicken Cottage uploaded a film of their awards dinner to YouTube - it's over an hour long.

Amazing! I've never heard of them - must be a southern company!


God Bless