Monday, 9 February 2015

One Pot Cooking = Fish Stew from Syracuse

Once again I've turned to Clarissa Dickson-Wright's One Pot Cooking for a recipe. When you like preparing food, recipe books make excellent Christmas presents - Thanks Son!
I felt that I knew where Syracuse was when I saw the title of this recipe - Italy - well Sicily in fact. However, when I Googled the name it came up with a city near New York! This stew is from the Sicilian version.


I make no apology for producing yet another fish dish but I could happily live from that source of protein, there are so many variations. I also enjoy Italian cooking with the olive oil and tomatoes and this dish has it all.

Fish Stew from Syracuse

The very early food writer Archestratus, who was writing in 345BC came from Syracuse. His best known work is a poem called 'The Life of Luxury' and he may well have eaten this stew.
Simply, the more fish you put in the better it is and the firmer the fish the better it is. I used smoked haddock, hake and salmon because they were readily available.
There is no need to be nervous about this recipe it couldn't be simpler, just throw everything into a casserole and cook for an hour or so.

The full recipe is on the appropriate TAB

The plate above shows the stew served with mashed potatoes and peas but it goes great served in a soup bowl with crusty bread, pittas or Italian bread.

God Bless