Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Poetry Thursday 146 - Glorious Winter

The inspiration for this was two-fold. Firstly, I wished someone good morning one dull wet day and their reply was that the day was good but the weather wasn't. Secondly, on another day I was awakened with a beautiful dawn that preceded a gloriously sunny but bitterly cold day.

Glorious Winter

Air as clean and sharp as a razor blade’s
 bright edge.
Its coldness catches the back of your throat
like the kick from iced cold water.
Virtually painful in its intensity.

The light is almost flawless – head aching
It burrows into every unguarded orifice
with its cleansing purity,
rendering dullness obsolete.

It is quiet sterility from a dearth of
insect life.
A chill silence waiting for regenerative

Each creature’s dormancy is an awaiting
of rebirth to full activity.
All dependents anticipate the burst of vitality
that will alarm them back to life.

The disappointment of spring.
© David L Atkinson February 2015

God Bless