Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Poetry Thursday 148 - There's nowt to getting old.

The two slightly tongue in cheek poems offered today are also a little sad. I have had relationships, I have children and friends but now in my mid-sixties I live alone. I receive respectful kisses, lots of love of the appropriate kind BUT!!!

I was inspired to write these because I couldn't remember the last time I had a passionate kiss, it was probably six or seven years ago and as time passes realisation comes that they were the final kisses of that type.

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There’s nowt to getting old

As you grow older bits become redundant,
not all at once more piecemeal.
Stuff that was at one time abundant
leaks away in a manner surreal.

You don’t tell stuff to stop working,
there’s no control on what first shuts down.
Years pass before you notice you’re breaking
until a significant failure raises a frown.

It may be your knees that are giving hell,
too much jogging in your youth.
Or perhaps you can’t hear so well
and you’re accused of being uncouth.

Your false teeth shift and rattle,
like the planks in a sailing ship.
An apple raised for them to give battle,
you take them out to remove a pip.

Then there are the things still working,
ignored and untended by others.
In ignorance the message they’re sending
another kick in the teeth by sisters and brothers.

The sad lips are such an appendage
that can go unnoticed over time.
They had such vitality, provided a bridge,
it’s over - the osculatory pantomime.

So spare a thought for the old ones
with their failing body parts,
and show tenderness, kiss old bones,
and consider when your turn starts!
© David L Atkinson February 2015

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The Lips

They stop the face from fraying,
latch on to nipples for mother’s milk,
test the temperature of what you’re eating,
and prevent mess and things of that ilk.

When young you kiss with closed lips,
for parents and relatives, young and old,
but at the onset of the teen years,
experimentation parts - becoming less cold.

Then later in full sexual flower,
they take on their most active role.
Almost an extra sense with power
to explore another’s every mole.

As age waxes usage wanes
and the need to explore is less.
Functionality returns to childish lanes,
not as efficient at preventing a mess!

There comes a time when the ageing lips
would give anything for just one more kiss.
Instead of the control of wet food sips,
and only memories of better function’s bliss.
© David L Atkinson February 2015

God Bless