Thursday, 5 February 2015

Writing - Chocolate Wars

I was awoken by some news that I find an affront to my position as an apprentice chocoholic. I consider myself as an apprentice, even though I am approaching my middle sixties, in comparison with real chocoholics using quantity as a measure.

On a visit to the USA around 1990 I had the misfortune to sample a Hershey Bar and it was an experience that I have no wish to repeat.

The need for conflict over this much loved product, chocolate that it not Hershey's, is caused by the USA on two fronts.

Special relationship - what special bloody relationship?

Massive food giant Nestle bought out Cadbury's some while ago but recently committed the cardinal of all sins - they altered the recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs! The change has been assessed by a family expert who is most upset by the alteration which was obviously unnecessary. (I will personally verify the assessment). Why change something that is clearly perfect in the first place?

The second blatant insult to British chocolate has been by the Hershey (yuck!) company who have successfully blocked the import of British chocolate in the courts. Please spare a thought for British ex-pats who are being forced to hoard chocolate bars from their native land because of the bullying actions of the failing Hershey bullies. Simply put, British chocolate is better than Hershey's and they are not making enough profits, so they have taken out a court injunction. What they should be doing is admitting defeat to British chocolate makers, and either changing their recipes, or quietly folding and disappearing into the wide blue yonder. They obviously can't cut it!

Hands off our Chocolate USA!!!!

Isn't it amazing what a minor thing can generate in terms of writing inspiration!

God Bless