Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Writing - I've a fine soap box

Today's blog was initially inspired by my catching part of a film - Demolition Man starring Silvester Stallone. It was a comment made by Sandra Bullock (Officer Huxley) on the illegality of salt that was mostly responsible. Stallone (John Spartan) asks for the salt in the restaurant and Huxley replies,

'Salt is bad for you therefore illegal John Spartan'

Similar things were said about, smoking, alcohol, sex and so on. It made me think of the 'nanny state' that we live in and where it will end up. Hence the soap box.

The first item that hit me about today's news was concerning the creation of babies from DNA from three people. I understand the difficulties people have living with genetically transmitted diseases and the ache that parents have when they see their children struggling with such health issues as cystic fibrosis and more. However, the process of natural procreation has always come up with problems, and it still will irrespective of the governments decision. 
Again I'm sorry for anyone who is suffering or caring for the sufferer, but natural selection is part of the life process. No one knows what this genetic fiddling could end up producing. The science has not yet been fully tested and the idea that we could be opening the door to designer babies is abhorrent to me. Wouldn't we be better spending the money on cures for cancer, motor neurone disease and the like. In truth no one knows what the long term affects may be or produce.

Then there is fracking. I witnessed an MP saying this week that we know all about the affects of fracking it has been on going for twenty years. I'm sorry but that is a contradiction in terms. Twenty years isn't long enough to ascertain the full range of illnesses and side affects produced by the contaminated water that is produced as a result of fracking. It could be another full generation before those after effects are fully understood.

There were plenty of news items regarding waiting times at A & E departments across the land at the turn of the year. In fact they are still going on. I remember one doctor commenting that they'd had to cancel elective surgery operations so that they could cope. Some elective surgery is cosmetic as are some gastric band operations and so on. Perhaps the NHS would run more efficiently if this often unnecessary stuff was all privately funded in designated clinics. Perhaps if people who perceive themselves as needing that type of surgery had to pay for it themselves then the 'need' would dissipate somewhat. We should be happy with what is God given.


I could go on at length about these and other matters that I consider wasteful and pointless but the real spin off from soap boxing - have I just invented a new term? - is a greater understanding of people and how they relate to the world. Writing books, creating characters and the like needs an understanding of how the human mind works and how we relate with each other. To do that, I believe that you have to be involved in what is going on in the world. Even those of you who write about the future or the past can't ignore relationships and the basis on which they work, or don't.
So read about current affairs, world news and controversial subjects and consider them from every side, it can be frustrating but also enriching. 

God Bless