Saturday, 21 March 2015

My view of this weeks news

I have to be a little biased towards the news this week and make no apologies.

1. Gus Poyet out Dick Advocaat in.

Image result for Gus poyet                                      Image result for dick advocaat
Gus Poyet                                                                          Dick Advocaat

Yet another manager bites the dust. Let's hope the Dutchman can save Sunderland.


2. Who is the judge?

Image result for judges

Four judges have lost their positions due to watching online porn on their business computers! Even 13 year olds know how to delete their browsing history!


3. Which bird will be the Brits choice?

Image result for wren

The UK is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have a national bird and there have been 10 native birds for the populace to select from. As I am old enough to remember farthings it would have to be the wren, pictured above, for me as it was featured on that coin of the realm. Other options are the red kite, puffin, golden eagle, robin etc.


4. Last budget of the parliament

Image result for george osborne
George Osborne - Chancellor

As always a budget generates much discussion, even arguments. I made a choice to watch the whole debarcle and was again disgusted at the behaviour of our elected representatives. Is it any wonder that people have no respect for politicians when it is painfully obvious they have no respect for each other?


5. Louis the Cathedral Cat

Louis the cat

Louis is the cathedral cat in Wells, Somerset and has become a firm favourite with people working there and visitors alike. However, he's in trouble as a cat fitting his description has been attacking local dogs.


6. Baby names faux pas

Image result for ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

The process of naming your children can be a can of worms. In Iceland there is a prescribed list of 1100 names to choose from which I believe is a little extreme but what parents need to consider are scenarios like school playgrounds, calling for your child in public and so on. In his infinite wisdom Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds, has named his daughter James. Yes - a boy's name - that isn't a misprint!


7. Pine martens in Cornwall

Pine martens were believed to have been made extinct in southern England

A wildlife enthusiast has captured photographs of these illusive mammals in the west country this week. They had been extinct in Southern Britain since the 1960s.


8. No holding umbrellas in Burma

Image result for men holding umbrellas in burma

It is considered embarrassing for a man to hold an umbrella for a woman in Burma.


9. Orang-outangs amplifiers

Image result for orangutan shouting

Orang utans cup their hands round the mouth to make themselves sound noisier. Should have heard the orang utans in the houses of parliament on Wednesday!


10. Choose your tax rate.

Image result for Mali

Mali struggle to collect much more than 1% or 2% tax and have come up with a plan. People are compelled to go to the tax office and choose their preferred tax rate. They're given the choice between 3% or 30%.


God Bless