Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Poetry Thursday 151 - Now consider time

Where the inspiration has come from for my current preoccupation with time I am unsure. It could have been the film 'Lucy' or Will Smith's portrayal of Lucifer in 'A New York Winter's Tale.' Perhaps it is because I'm another month closer to a significant birthday. Perhaps all measures of personal time are significant.


Now I’m child
Now I’m water
Now I’m darkness
Now I see the lies
Now I’m the space between heart beats
Now I’m an event horizon
Now I’m waves
Now I’m particle
Now I’m success
Now I’m infinite
© David L Atkinson March 2015

The above is intentionally abstract and is intended to be read in the mind and the affect of each line considered. Some lines may bear no relevance, others may be shattering - read with care!

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Consider Time

It only takes a second to make a mistake,
and a minute to compound the error.
An hour is a significant time to take,
and in a day create real terror.

Some real creativity happens every day,
and in politics a long time is a week.
A month can chase the seasons away,
and a good year on January 1st we seek.

When young a school day is so slow,
even though it lasts just a few hours.
When old, months faster than rivers flow,
and time takes away our powers.

Time like sand flows through our hands,
like running water we can touch only once.
It never returns for a second night’s stand,
but is gone forever without response.

Time is passive in one voice,
and an unstoppable action in another.
It provides the opportunity to make a choice
but is unmoved if we don’t bother.
© David L Atkinson March 2015

God Bless