Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Poetry Thursday 152 - Whatever happened?

Both poems this week are rooted in the nature of our lives. The first is really about daring to take a risk, they're not real risks just a deviation from your norm.

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Life on tramlines

Routine is the pap of apathy,
feeding the murder of creativity
and is the magnolia of safe landscapes.

Dare you jump the tracks
into the unknown cracks
between life’s stolid sleepers?

Go on, leave the mundane and secure,
go to the dark places that allure,
promising a risky nirvana.

Step out to the very edge of the precipice,
feel the risky tingle of unknown bliss,
and startle those nay sayers.
© David L Atkinson March 2015

This second poem is one which can be adapted by anyone who wishes to go down the road of writing a poem. It can be filled with the changes in your own life.
This one is not complete or exclusive but I completed it rather like someone taking a word association test. It really doesn't need a lot of planning. 

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Whatever happened to
   bread toasted on crackling fires
   and radios connected by wires?

Or to
   the bobbie on the beat
   and playing in the street?

Or to
   shops closed on Sundays
   and Blackpool for holidays?

Or to
   240 pennies in the pound
   and milk roll that was round?

Or to
   blue/black ink in fountain pens
   and eggs collected from free range hens?

Or to
   the cane in school
   for playing the fool?

Or to
   masters in black cloaks flitting like bats
   and ladies wearing pinned Sunday hats?

Or to
   ice cream delivered by boys on bikes
   and children learning to ride their trikes?

Or to
   new clothes bought on dividend days
   and children going to church school on Sundays?

Or to
   the rag and bone man with his horse and cart
   and cars with handles for their engines to start?

© David L Atkinson March 2015

Definitely a poem to play with.

God Bless