Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Poetry Thursday 153 - Rhyming alternatives

It's been a bit of a crazy mixed up week with stimuli flying around like pollen in a meadow.

Firstly there was contact with children bless 'em which reminded me of all the joy and heartache.

Image result for terrible children cartoon

Children love ‘em!

From wet at both ends and screaming,
to the growing up and leaving,
children, like crampons on ice,
dig into your life but believe they’re nice.
You feel each pin prick or driven spike
in both your heart and brain alike,
but you take a deep breath and smile,
covering up the corrupted file,
so that your little one will never know,
the occasional hurt that they bestow.
© David L Atkinson March 2015

Then there was the idea of escaping from the ties and stresses 
of the modern world. The title is supposed to be a representation of the word 'meditation' in Japaneses, but I discovered this longer but more descriptive phrase which translates as 'think carefully closing my eyes'

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Meo tsubute yoku kangaeru koto

Stretching your body and relaxing,
contorting its shape then reforming,
eases the mind from the daily path,
pleases the conscience in aftermath.
As to its place in the world,
as the artificial fog is unfurled,
things become clearer to the mind,
brings reality like light to the blind.
Refreshes the view of your real place,
erases the influence of a godless rat race.
© David L Atkinson March 2015

Finally, I remember being asked how many units of alcohol I drink 

in a week and started totting up but got side tracked and it came 

out like the following!

Image result for alcohol

How many units?

No alcoholic could survive
on such meagre supplies to stay alive.
Taylor’s aperitif before lunch on Sunday
and an Oban to wash the day away.
Nothing but a tawny port on Monday,
an arid sojourn makes up all of Tuesday,
and only monthly Taylors on Wednesday,
a choir driven Taylors thirst on Thursday,
and yet more singing driven needs on Friday,
fortnightly liquid lunches oscillate on Saturday,
which returns us to a Taylors lunch on Sunday.
© David L Atkinson March 2015

In all honesty the poetry today is frankly frivolous, a fun-filled 

frippery, of feeble frolics through the options of rhyming.

It isn't always necessary to rhyme in writing poetry but if one does 

then there are a whole host of options some of which are exampled 


God Bless